Our worship is of the Reformed Tradition, having our roots in the Protestant Reformation of the sixteenth century. In this tradition, we emphasize doctrines such as God’s love and unmerited grace and favor. We believe that God’s ultimate plan and purpose for humans created in God’s image is to know God and enjoy God. We affirm that God is ultimately sovereign though human free will allows suffering in our world. Our overriding assumption is that God is always at work redeeming and transforming our lives and the world around us.

Bold-faced type words that are not titles are words the congregation speaks together.
The W invites you to stand in body or spirit.
 We welcome children in the service, recalling Jesus’ words: “Let the little children come to me.”There is nursery care available if you prefer for those up to 3 years old. Children age 3 through grade one may go to Children’s Church after the Children’s Sermon or remain in worship with their parents.

The prelude is transitional space.  We come from noisy and turbulent lives and need to prepare our hearts and minds for worship—being fully attentive to God and to one another.

The Call to Worship is often based off of scripture, usually from the Psalms. God’s voice and our response gather us in communal worship with joy and gratitude.

Music is a form of prayer. As we sing hymns or worship songs, we engage in a theological task of speaking to, about, and for God. The words we sing matter as does the posture of our hearts as we sing.

Confession is an essential part of the Reformed Tradition.  We are all in need of God’s mercy and constantly invite God’s reforming Spirit into our lives. Our prayers of confession are prayed corporately because we recognize that we are all sinners in need of God’s grace.

Even as we confess, we are constantly reminded of God’s love and forgiveness—which is not earned but freely given by God. The minister’s words can remind us of the truth that in Jesus Christ’s death on behalf of our sins we have peace, forgiveness of sin, and right relationship with God.  God is love—without conditions.

We pray for many reasons, one of which is to attune our minds to God and ask help to interpret God’s word as God intends for us.

The center of Reformed Worship is the Word of God.  We listen to God’s Word as we seek to follow in the way of Jesus. We believe we encounter the Word in worship through the scripture and in preaching.

Prayers of Intercession ask God’s healing, protection, and guidance for God’s creation.  We form that prayer from the expressed prayer of the people in worship. This prayer is really the work of the people. We also include prayers of  intercession for the wider world beyond our local church.

The Reformed Tradition is a Confessional tradition in that we confess our sin but also our faith. Using creeds, we proclaim the gospel in historic moments as God has revealed them to us.

We respond to God’s grace and God’s Word by offering our lives, our energy, and our resources toward the work of God’s Kingdom.

“Doxo” means glory, and we sing praise to God in gratitude for God’s gifts to us, joining all creation in song.

On occasion in our services, we celebrate two sacraments: 1) Baptism and 2) the Lord’s Supper.Baptism is a sign that God claims us and seals us to show that we belong to God. The water of baptism represents new life, a new beginning, and a cleansing from all that separates us from God. We baptize infants and adults. In infant baptism, we recognize that God calls us before we can ever respond to God.  In adult baptism, we voluntarily respond to God’s claim on our lives. We celebrate the Lord’s Supper (communion) the first Sunday of every month and on special occasions. In this sacrament we are mindful of Christ’s sacrifice on our behalf through his death and we acknowledge that through faith in Christ we have forgiveness of sins. All who profess faith in Christ, whether members or visitors, are welcome to partake of this sacrament together.

We transition out of worship charged to carry the Word we have heard proclaimed out into the world—to live the message, confirmed by the blessing and grace of God’s presence.

Whatever your religious background and however you have come to be here this morning, we welcome you to First Presbyterian Church.  It is our hope that during this time of worship you will encounter the presence of the Risen Lord, and through that encounter come to know the joy of being loved and forgiven by the grace of God.
If you are looking for a church home, consider becoming a part of this church family.  We welcome members through a profession of faith in Jesus Christ and baptism, a certificate of transfer of membership from any Christian church, or by re-affirmation of faith in Christ if a certificate is not available.  Please speak to the pastor or any elder of the church for more information.
Again, we welcome you in our worship of God.

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